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The "Selva Encantada" or Enchanted Forest is a private nature reserve created some 10 years ago by those who fell in love with the region. It is ideally situated between the white sandy beaches of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast and the Talamanca mountain range, which separates this small luxuriant country from its Panamanian neighbor. The sea is only minutes away by road and thanks to the altitude the sea breeze clears the treetops and cools the blazing heat.

Votre forêt enchantée 

Nothing can rival with the beauty of this lush tropical environment. This ocean of virgin greenery is home to an amazing biodiversity and many zoos and botanical gardens around the world would never dream of possessing such treasures. What we are offering here is for you to acquire a large plot of this "garden of Eden" to allow you to build your future home in the heart of this enchanted forest, and your dream can be true ...

La Selva Encantada - Paraíso Road - Punta Uva - Puerto Viejo de Talamanca - Limón - Costa Rica

Tel.: (+506) 8828-3646 or 8898-5047 or 2750-0341 - (+507) 6900-1362 - Email : patricia@selvaencantada.com