Need a « Robinson-book » ?

1077_para5936What a great discovery in the middle of the jungle : Prisonniers du paradis written by Arto PAASILINNA a Finnish journalist . It is one of his famous novel and it is translated in several languages (especially french, english and spanish ) .

The story talks about a United Nations charter that crashes on a deserted Pacific island. The group of survivors is composed of forestry workers, midwives, nurses, doctors, the charter crew and one journalist ; coming from various countries. The castaways set up a cashless society which looks a little bit old-fashionned… Keep in mind that this novel have been published in 1974 ! But, it is easy to read, full of humour about community life and it may invite you to think about a new 21th century version of this story.

The desert island described by the author sounds very similar to the Selva Encantada. What an incredible experience to read this book in the middle of Selva Encantada and feel the borderline between reality and fiction becoming blurred !