The « Selva Encantada » or Enchanted Forest is a private natural reserve created 13 years ago by those who fell in love with the region . It is ideally situated between the white sandy beaches of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast and the Talamanca mountain range , which separates this small luxuriant country from its Panamanian neighbor . The sea is only 15 minutes away by road and thanks to the altitude , the sea breeze clears the treetops and cools the blazing heat .

Nothing can rival with the beauty of this lush tropical environment .

This ocean of virgin greenery is home to an amazing biodiversity and many zoos and botanical gardens around the world would never dream of possessing such treasures . What we are offering you is the possibility to acquire a large piece of property within this Garden of Eden . Then you can make your dream come true by building your future home in the heart of the tropical forest .

Forget everything you have ever known about residential communities .

Each lot is large enough in size to allow for a maximum of privacy . The only signs of civilization are the homes hidden within the natural surroundings . Everything here is so different that it gives the visitor the impression of being at the end of the world . Accessibility to the area has become easier due to the progress made in the last few years . Its relative distance allows you to take advantage of the scenery while preserving your tranquility . Each owner lives with the colors of the jungle , its scents and sounds . What a huge inspiration for creative people …

Be part of tropical canopy ecosystem .

A small part of the development is on sale and the rest is dedicated to the conservation of the jungle and its inhabitants . All the lots are different in size and shape in order to respect and take advantages of the topography of the area . This explain the different characteristics of each property :  amazing trees , mountain view , streams , … The developers of the project are devoted to preserving the rare quality of this nature . This untouched piece of paradise is now at your fingertips …