The community spirit of the area

Capture d’écran 2016-07-17 à 18.21.08The area extending from Cahuita to Gandocca – Manzanillo of is full of amazing people with a pioneering spirits sharing the desire to improve the quality of their life by caring for themselves and the environment .

You can benefit from different kinds of alternative medecines and relaxation methods such as acupuncture , massages , reiki , tai-chi , spa and wellness centers , cacao ceremonies and yoga . Moreover , various professionals can help you consume conscientiously , locally and healthy such as Luminessence : Natural beauty products , Caribeans Chocolate and Coffee and Vida Sana Panaderia .

You can also take part in Environment preservation programs . There are plenty of nice projects supported by teams of motivated volunteers such as the Ara Project , the Sloth sanctuary of Costa Rica , the Tree of life rescue center , the Jaguar Rescue Center and Finca La Isla botanical garden .

Another interesting point is the heterogeneity of the population that composes this community . There are people with various roots such as Indigenous Bribri and Cabecar , Afro – Caribbean black , Asian , Creole , former banana workers from all over Central America and people from more than 45 different nationalities who have established themselves in the area . You can find more informations about this subject on the website of the Rich Coast Project which is a participatory effort to collect , preserve and share the ongoing History of the communities of Southern Caribbean in Costa Rica . 

To illustrate the quality and variety of the different projects that exist in the area, we invite you to visit our links ‘s page