The concept of Simpler Life

The Selva Encantada is an ideal place to choose to live a simpler life . But what are we talking about ? Simpler Life is a concept coming from Confucius , Buddha , Tolstoy , Gandhi and many of the Indigenous people around the world . These advocates believe that abundance is a state of mind , not a quantity of material things . More doesn’t mean better  .

So we offer you :

  • A space to live a simpler life in harmony with Nature , far from the madness of the modern world and the race for more and more consumption ,
  • A space to rediscover a lifestyle where you have time to enjoy your natural environment ,
  • A space where you can reconnect with Nature and your inner self .

To live the simpler life in harmony with Nature , in an eco-sustainable way , is a choice and we offer you the possibility to make that choice .

So what do we get in exchange of living the simpler life ? We mainly get more free time and energy towards pursuing non-materialistic sources of satisfaction such as contemplation of Nature , relaxation , artistic or intellectual projects , sustainable living , self-sufficiency experiments , spiritual exploration , family time , gardening , and so on … The environment is also winning . The Simpler Life includes a sense of responsibility for the balance uses of the world’s ressources that is more respectful . But , no misunderstanding ! Do not imagine that Simpler Life means living in poverty and renouncing all the advantages of science and technology.

As Nicolas BUFFILE , one of the owner , says “Having space is the future !” … So we offer you the future .



Capture d’écran 2016-07-25 à 20.12.25La planète Terre est à ce jour la seule oasis de vie que nous connaissons au sein d’un immense désert sidéral . En prendre soin , respecter son intégrité physique et biologique , tirer parti de ses ressources avec modération , y instaurer la paix et la solidarité entre les humains , dans le respect de toute forme de vie , est le projet le plus réaliste , le plus magnifique qui soit.

Planet Earth is to date the only oasis of Life as we know in a vast sidereal desert . Caring , respect his physical and biological integrity , leverage its resources with moderation , there establish peace and solidarity between people , respect for all life , is the most realistic project , the most magnificient that is.

Pierre RABHI , founder of the Colibri Foundation